Morgan R. May 7 2018

I got a personalized workout plan and tons of great advice from Ben! I highly recommend him, I feel so much more motivated and organized in my workouts now! You’ll see the results your training for when you train with Ben, even if you just get a training program. I can’t express how impressed I am with how fast he got the program done, how thoroughly he explained everything, and how non-judgmental he is. Working with him you’ll see he’s a great personal trainer and offers a great rate because he’s passionate about what he does. Some of the best workouts I’ve ever had! Absolutely no complaints!

Kemol G. May 7 2018

Shout out to my boy Ben!! He motivates you so you can motivate yourself. He’s very patient and helps you 100% to fulfil your fitness dreams. I recommend getting him as your personal trainer if he’s not!

Moe S. February 1 2018

I’ve trained with Ben on and off to test out my strength and everytime we train together I feel beast mode aha great trainer great guy knows what he’s doing in the gym and on paper definitely recommend him if your trying to set some goals

 Chad I. December 2 2017

He’s super professional and motivating, so far it’s been a really good experience!! Let’s do this brother.

Zaher C. July 15 2018

I have been on Ben’s meal plans and I cannot express the results and changed I have seen up to now. Ben definitely is well knowledgeable about what he is doing. Highly recommend. You will feel the difference immediately!! Once again I highly recommend anyone who is wanting change in their diets to consult Ben. 

Tommy Hil.   July 16 2018

I just received my workout and meal plan from Ben. His workouts are legit and the meal plans on point, In the past 5 months I’ve seen a lot of change in my body. I feel more healthy and happy,I highly recommend him!! 

Mostafa Chabara.  July 17 2018

I just received my meal plan from Ben and I can’t wait to start it. He is really motivated in the gym so I am looking forward to see how he will help me transform I highly recommend you guys to hit him up and take advantage of his services.